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Let me share a story.

February 10, 2022

I love what I do, and when I get to help a client work through some financial challenges or help them in creating a plan to achieve their goals - this makes me happy!  Let me share a story with you. 


A new client moved her Roth over. After reviewing her tax return, I advised her that she did not qualify to make contributions, although she had been. I recommended that she talk to her tax advisor to confirm eligibility.  It was determined that she was not eligible dating back to 2009.  I was glad we uncovered this information. But this is what I do for my clients. I’m a bit of a detective, looking at ways I can help. 

My client and her husband were travelling out of the country, and while they were there he passed away. Upon her return she needed help with getting things done for the estate.  

There are many life circumstances my clients face, and they are not all about their financial needs. I value the relationships I have with the people I work with and want to be able to help. Because there was limited information she had seen, some notes were even hand-written, we worked through the process of what she would need to get things in order for the estate. This would also include working with her adult children. We looked at the accounts together and came up with a plan. I am an advocate of having family meetings. I find when everyone has updated and correct information it helps when this situation arises.  

If any part of this story resonates with you let’s connect. Let’s talk to your attorney, CPA, and your children. I can help you and your grown children put a plan into place that puts everyone on the same page.