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Losing a spouse to death is devastating in so many ways. Becoming the sole person making the important decisions that you once did together can be difficult as you navigate through your grief. 

Making matters more complicated, the death of a spouse unleashes a flood of financial task. Many widows who normally counted on their spouse to take care of the investing, insurance policies, taxes or estate planning have now had to make those decisions and take care of the details. And at this time decision making can be difficult. 

1Below are a few suggestions after the death of a spouse: 

  • Don’t rush into major irrevocable money decisions right away. 

  • Watch out for financial wolves who will prey on widows. 

  • Make housing decisions carefully. 

  • Get an objective review of your finances.

  • Don't be a purse for others.

Greenstone Financial has worked with many widows. Being compassionate, caring and patient is how we approach things. We understand that this is a difficult time with some uncertainty and we are here to answer your questions and listen.

Whether you have just experienced a lose of a spouse or if you have been a widow or widower for awhile we would welcome welcome the opportunity to meet. Please contact us by calling  414.533.5353 or email 

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