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Getting divorced is a painful and emotional process. To help prevent life-long consequences avoid making quick decisions to reach a settlement.  Greenstone Financial has the expertise to help guide you through difficult financial decisions and to better understand your current situations and plan for your financial future. Establishing a financial plan will be done before, during, and after in the divorce planning process.  

  • Help in assessing your present and future financial condition through preparation of basic financial statements including personal balance sheet and cash flow statement. 
  • Assisting you in taking steps towards financial independence by determining an equitable division of marital assets. Evaluate settlement and asset options while keeping your goals and tax considerations in mind.  
  • Work collaboratively with Family Law attorneys, mediation and collaborative divorce professionals. 
  • Assist you in defining your post-divorce priorities including property settlements, QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders) and updating beneficiary and titling based on newly drafted or revised estate planning documents. 
  • Organize your post-divorce financial picture including insurance needs, sources of income, expenses and create a spending plan as needed.  
  • Establish life and financial goals through an interactive co-planning experience. Jointly implement a phased financial plan to meet your family’s chosen objective based on your family’s unique priorities. 
  • Make referrals as needed for legal, accounting and emotional wellness support. 

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