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Jodie Lane, AAMS®, CDFA®, MSEM

Jodie Lane, AAMS®, CDFA®, MSEM

Independent Wealth Advisor

Growing up in a single-mom household, taught me that money did not grow on trees. Around the age of eight, I knew that the nickels, dimes, and quarters that my grandfather would give to me occasionally to buy candy, would not grow in my piggy bank either. [Side note: I saved my money, and my younger sister bought the candy with her money, of which, she shared with me.] Instead, I took what I had saved up to our local bank, walked in and asked to open a savings account. The teller looked at me strangely and said, “well we have minimums to open an account.” I told her I had a goal to buy the new game “Operation.” She chuckled and came back after talking to her manager, and I opened my first investment account. I saved enough until I reached that goal and bought my so desired game. 

Goals, whether written or internalized are what help us look forward to the future. They are our dreams, our hopes and desire to be more than we are today. 

In 2006, I made a career change into the financial services world. I have learned a lot since then and realized that my entrepreneurial spirit led me to opening my independent financial services business of Greenstone Financial Services. I have a great team of extraordinary individuals who are all focused on helping our clients live their best life. 

As an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS®) and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst CDFA® , I provide individuals, families, and businesses a full range of services including wealth accumulation planning, retirement income planning, and investment selection. I am affiliated as an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with J.W. Cole Advisors, an independent full-service registered investment advisory (RIA) firm.  We advise high-net-worth individuals on investments and manage their portfolios. RIA/IARs have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means we have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in our clients' best interests. This allows me to freely choose the products and services that address my clients’ needs. 

Acronyms aside, I am deeply committed to educating and empowering my clients to feel confident about making financial decisions. In my experience, women and men alike have concerns about their financial well-being and want to be confident about their financial future and the decisions they make. I help clients visualize and articulate their goals, needs and dreams. I then work with them to build and monitor customized investment programs which begins the process of working toward those dreams and goals. We hold each other accountable. 

I am a graduate of Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a double major in Business Administration and Professional Communications and a Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). I hold securities license 65 and am licensed to help clients with their insurance needs (life, disability, long-term care, annuities). 

I am blessed with a family of four children (Matt, Nate, Sarah, and Violet), a wonderful, supportive husband (Tom), three grandchildren and one rescue dog (Roxie Rue). My husband and I love to travel and immerse ourselves into different cultures—people, food, wine, and adventure.